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If you didn’t know, here’s a bit about us

United Africa for Economic Empowerment aka Pan African Freedom Movement was founded in 2020, to foster the socio-economic, cultural and political issues of the African people. As an enshrined primordial duty, this organization is to work for the unity of all African Decents, both on the continent and the DIASPORA. We aligned with the vision of the former Organization of African Unity, which was founded for the political and
economic integration of the African people.

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what we do

We strive to unite and emancipate Africans mentally and economically from imperialism.

Water Supply

Improved water supply and sanitation, and better management of water resources, can boost economic growth and poverty reduction.

Proper Healthcare

a healthy community means higher productivity, thus serves as a catalyst to economic development and is essential to achieve sustained growth.

Sustainable Agriculture

stimulates industrial expansion, provides money used to buy consumer goods and invest in other industries.

Encourage Creativity and Innovation

creativity keeps businesses flexible and able to produce innovative solutions to a wide range of problems.


Our Mission


We believe that we can impact more lifes with you.

We exist to advance the socio-economic, cultural and political matters that put African people (including Diaspora and those at home back in Afrika) first in all undertakings, to increase the awareness of who we are as Afrikans in the liberation of our minds and also to help our People reach the goal of unity, to live and act as a single peoplewith one force of bargain, as such causing Afrikans to reinforce critical thinking and integrity.

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”What you do today that is worthwhile, inspires others to act at some future time.”

Marcus Garvey

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    We’ve impacted over 500+ lives through sustainability projects across Africa.

    We are creating more impact thanks to volunteers from across Africa and we plan to do more, that's why we need you. Your contribution will help uplift a community or someone somewhere in our beloved Africa.

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