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A sustainable approach geared towards added value in Africa's diverse communities

United Africa for Economic Empowerment aka Pan African Freedom Movement was founded in 2020, to foster the socio-economic, cultural and political issues of the African people. As an enshrined primordial duty, this organization is to work for the unity of all African Decents, both on the continent and the DIASPORA. We aligned with the vision of the former Organization of African Unity, which was founded for the political and economic integration of the African people. Like Marcus Garvey once said, ”What you do today that is worthwhile inspires others to act at some future time.” We are here acting on what the founding fathers of OAU gathered back then in 1963 to accomplish for the people of African decent, also standing on the inspiration of those who started the Pan AfriKan struggle Alexander
Crummel, and others.

As an organization we further take inspiration from the great Marcus Garvey’s philosophy on African redemption, inspiration, continental pride, selflessness, education and the future of the African people. Which we consider to be the guiding principles of
our actions. We daily work for
- AfriKan Redemption
- Inspiration of our People to rise frommthe dust of humiliation
- Self Pride of our People Globally
- towards Selflessness as steering wheel which directs us
- Education of our People Globally
Whereas the fundamental goal of the organization remains to construct a united, non-
racial, non-sexist, non-regional, non-tribal and selfsustainable Africa. Therefore, we the
founding members here today duly adopts this constitution.

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Prof. Akuhmbom Mac Anthony

Founder and President

Hon. Akpur Emmanuel

Secretary General UNAFEE

Dr. Monju Patrick

General Coordinator

Bomotonguina Gwladys

Financial Director
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